Allied Electrical is committed to safety and our record proves it.  We have an EMR rating of .79 and have kept that rate consistently for many years.  It is the policy of Allied Electrical to provide a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. Our company safety manual is designed with this goal in mind and is the shared responsibility of every worker and subcontractor. Working together, we are able to not only attain excellence in all aspects of our operation but also to maintain a safety record that is the envy of the industry.

A Safety Orientation is provided to each employee during the hiring process.  Our personnel is trained in Hazard Communications which includes instruction on how to read and understand Material Safety Data Sheets which are kept at every jobsite.

At Allied we believe an effective safety and loss prevention program is the cornerstone of good operating practice. It is our policy to:

  • Perform weekly jobsite meetings.
  • Conduct hazard assessments.
  • Use ANSI-approved or comparable personal protective equipment as needed.
  • Properly maintain tools, equipment and facilities.
  • Conduct informal and formal inspections to find and correct any unsafe acts or conditions.
  • Investigate all incidents and accidents with the objective of preventing recurrence.

Equal attention is required of everyone from top management continuously and carefully reviewing safety and training procedures to the 1st period apprentice demonstrating what they have learned and developing into habits.  Our full-time safety coordinator is dedicated to insuring that all jobs are performed in compliance with federal standards.