Our Team

The people that make up Allied Electrical are a team of experienced professionals in their respective field.  Our highly-skilled and well-trained staff of management and supervisors all have extensive construction/maintenance backgrounds with specialties in one or more fields.  This enables us to work closely with our clients to determine particular job requirements and to coordinate those needs with the specific capabilities of our supervisors.  Close job supervision has been largely responsible for our well-earned reputation and high percentage of repeat business.

Allied Electrical enjoys an excellent working relationship with all crafts necessary to get the job done.  We direct special attention to identifying and diminishing issues before they become full-blown problems.  This results in a strong line of communication between the field and management.  Utilization of the “team” concept on all projects allows for maximum productivity.  We have low to zero turnover rate in our workforce, and are proud to boast having personnel with long tenures because we are a team and work as a team.


Resumes of all supervisory personnel are available for review upon request.