History of Allied Electrical

Allied Electrical was formed in 1975 in Beaumont, Texas. We have groomed 90% of our workforce beginning in the warehouse, going through apprenticeship and then becoming a licensed journeyman electrician.  We currently have journeyman electrician who have been with our company for over 25 years who have also trained the generation behind them.  This method of training has allowed us to have the very best workforce.

When the community was in need of utility infrastructure to meet its growth demand, Allied adapted with the right equipment and experienced individuals to meet that demand in Electrical Pole-Line Construction.  At one time we were the largest Pole Line Electrical Contractor in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.  We were GSU’s (Gulf States Utilities, now Entergy) preferred subcontractor installing substations, transmission and distribution pole line systems.

In the Beaumont/ Port Arthur area when Petrochemical markets experienced tremendous growth, Allied was there with its highly trained staff in the Industrial Electrical industry and met that demand.  We were there when plants and refineries from Gulf Oil to Star Enterprise needed an electrical contractor that would pay attention to their needs and high demand for quality and safety.

As our community in Southeast Texas grew from the industrial sector outward, the commercial and residential markets grew as well to support the population growth.  Allied’s reputation and experience was called upon and we have completed 80% of all commercial work in Southeast Texas from Schools to Retail, and averaging 150 to 200 houses annually all with repeat Developers and Individuals that are aware of our attention to their projects.

There is not any aspect of electrical construction Allied has not performed.  From a 34.5 KV substation to the switch on your wall, we have done it all.